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Not to mention the numerous awards we’ve secured.
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Our clients has benefited from our video production experience of working with 50+ companies, including small and medium businesses and global-leading brands.

Brainstorm with Film Roxx
We give top-notch video production flow.
Our outstanding track record includes working with 50+ companies in 300+ video productions and projects.
Script Writing with Film Roxx
We focus on the story and message.
On every video production, you can expect some detailed concept, creative direction, and storyline that fit your purpose.
Eye Catching Visual at Film Roxx
We make visual that pleasing eyes.
Every second’s matter on your video. We make every video worth watching to the end. No “bla bla” that makes you sleepy.

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“They always provide an above and beyond creative visual more than I expected. They know well how to communicate our message visually beautiful to public through storytelling videos.”

Gabriela Mariska, Alila Villas Uluwatu
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  • Your love your service, product, or brand.

    This is the most important part. Seriously.

  • You have watch at least one of our video.

    We want to make sure you understand about our product. Also to make sure you know that we know our topics.

  • You are fine with 100% remote meeting.

    We will use or Google Meet for meetings and presentations. Rest assured, no additional costs.

  • Your budget for this exceeds USD 2,000.

    We have fixed prices for the quality we offer – no rip-offs. You will get the exact details after consultation.

  • You are willing to be challenged with our concept.

    We always bring new idea and concept to the table. Sometimes, it's way different from what's booming on Instagram.

  • You really want to make impact with your video.

    We are going to make a video that will stop your audience's thumb on the screen. They will give the thumb to you, for sure.

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