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Starting from USD 20,000 – USD 4,000

Alright, when you’re talking about putting your business in the spotlight, nothing does the job like a company profile or corporate video. It’s not your usual ad – it’s a custom-made creation ordered up by businesses, big corporations, or any group that wants to shine.

Now, you’ve got options here. You could go with the storytelling pros from video production firms or the all-around whizzes at audiovisual production companies. These are the folks who whip up those corporate videos, each one with a specific audience in mind.

Think of it as your business’s visual business card. It talks straight to the folks who matter most to your brand, whether that’s other businesses in the B2B game or the everyday consumers in the B2C arena.

It’s like saying, “Hey, world, this is us – check it out!”


Starting from USD 35,000 – USD 6,500

In the crazy world of digital marketing, videos are the real deal. Commercial video production is the VIP player, and keeping up is the name of the game. These videos give folks a sneak peek into your product, service, or what you promise as a brand. The main goal? Make your fans love your brand and get them to do something awesome. But, here’s the deal – commercial videos stay up there, avoiding the complicated stuff about how you get things done.

When we whip up an ad, it’s all about one thing – grabbing eyeballs, getting people curious, and firing up some serious excitement about what you’re offering. These videos are like your business hype team, spreading the word and getting everyone pumped.

In the wild world of commercial video production, we’re all about keeping it simple but hitting hard. Forget the boring details; we’re creating a vibe that pulls people in, making them super keen to dive deep into what your business is all about.

We help great brands and companies (like yours) improve their persona and strengthen their brand position in their sector.

Mid-sized companies, market leaders, Fortune 500.

Client's of Film Roxx
Film Roxx Team at Sheraton Kuta


Starting from USD 15,000 – USD 5,000

We get it; every resort’s got its vibe, its own mojo. It’s like an art project, right? Mixing up the spirit of each joint. Whether it’s a big-shot hotel chain or a cozy bungalow spot, we’re like visual wizards, picking out the rad stuff that makes your resort stand out. From the big, fancy architecture to the chill landscapes, we’re all about bottling up your place’s soul.

At Film Roxx, we’re basically resort detectives on a mission to find your property’s unique DNA. Our camera grabs that uniqueness—the heartbeat of your joint. And guess what? We’re here to be the storytellers.

It’s not just about rooms and fancy perks; it’s about catching the vibe and snagging those unforgettable moments. Our videos bring your place to life.

So when someone hits play, they’re not just seeing a spot; they’re feeling it.


Starting from USD 10,000 – USD 3,000

Hey, wanna make your music festival vibes last forever? That’s where our after movie service kicks in. Picture this: a killer montage of music, wild crowds, and those epic moments that scream “legendary festival.” It’s not just a recording; it’s your backstage pass to relive the epicness every time you hit play.

We’re talking a nostalgia trip for everyone who partied at your festival. We handpick only the most epic moments to make sure your after-movie hits all the feels.

In the end, our after movie vibe isn’t just about catching moments; it’s about crafting an experience. So, whether you’re gearing up for the next gig or want to hit your fans right in the feels, our crew’s got your back to turn your event into a movie that sticks.

Let’s make your festival a cinematic masterpiece that people won’t forget. 

Film Roxx - Creative Content Production


Starting from USD 3,000 – USD 1,500

Ready to make your restaurant the talk of the town? Yes, Chef! Our food videos are like a magic wand for your eatery. We’re not just showcasing your place; we’re giving folks a sneak peek into the soul of your joint.

And guess what? These videos are your golden ticket to telling everyone why your spot is THE spot.

We get it; it’s not just about the place. Shout out to all you kitchen rockstars! Chefs, owners – it’s your time to shine. Our videos will make you the Picasso of the food scene.

Get set for visuals that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance – we’re here to make your dishes steal the show.

Let’s turn your culinary dreams into a feast for the eyes!

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