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In the vibrant and picturesque island of Bali, where creativity thrives and beauty knows no bounds, a remarkable campaign was brought to life.

In just two days, a dedicated team of over 30 crews and 15 talented individuals embarked on an exciting video production journey for Jimbaran Hijau, capturing the essence of this extraordinary destination.

Join us as we unveil the behind-the-scenes details of the “It’s Time” campaign, showcasing why now is the perfect moment to be a part of Jimbaran Hijau’s story.

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Jimbaran Hijau Commercial Video

Captivating the Audience

The “It’s Time” campaign was meticulously crafted to convey the message that the right time to immerse oneself in the wonders of Jimbaran Hijau is now.

From the stunning landscapes to the unique cultural experiences, the campaign aimed to ignite a sense of urgency and captivate the audience’s imagination.

A Race Against Time

Despite the tight deadline, the team successfully brought the vision to life within a short span of two days. They meticulously planned every aspect of the production, ensuring that every shot captured the essence of Jimbaran Hijau.

The result was a seamless blend of breathtaking visuals and compelling storytelling.

Overcoming Challenges

As with any ambitious production, challenges arose along the way. On the second day of filming, heavy rainfall posed a significant obstacle.

However, the team’s resilience and determination allowed them to adapt quickly, turning this unexpected turn of events into an opportunity to capture the beauty of Jimbaran Hijau in a different light.

The result was a visually stunning sequence that added depth and authenticity to the campaign.

Jimbaran Hijau

Development, creative, storyboards, styling, film production, cinematography, directing, producing, post-production edit and color grading, production management and scheduling,  aerial filming.

Campaign Video for Real Estate Company

2 Minutes Brand Campaign Video
60 Seconds Cutdown for Social Media

Jimbaran Hijau Still Frame

EP: Ryanda Dwi Octhora
Director: Aditya Ryandana
Producer: Gian Joyson
Cam Operators: Haifa, Pandu Wiguna
Drone Operator: Gung Wah Utet
Assistant Director: Berry Juansyah
Assistant Cam: Purwanto Dody
Props: Firdaus
Talent Coor: Fidens Glory Seran
Runner: Yoga Udayana, Risky Galang
Lighting: Ariyo
Audio: Justin
Talent Agency: TARS Model Agency
Makeup Artist: Gung Ayu Krisna
Stylist & Wardrobe: Julia Amanda, Kiki
Transportation: Ilham
Behind-the-Scenes: Richard, Arif 

Special thanks to Pak Agung, Bu Augy, and all the staff of Jimbaran Hijau.

Ryanda Dwi Octhora. Video Producer

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