AI for Video:
Should We Use Them for Content Marketing?

So, you’ve probably heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and
how it’s shaking things up in content marketing.

With all the buzz surrounding AI,
is it really a good idea to incorporate AI into Video Content Marketing?

As someone knee-deep in video production,
I’ve taken a deep dive into this topic to uncover the real scoop on AI-powered videos.

Now, AI-powered videos are pretty slick.

They use super-smart tech to sift through tons of data and whip up customized videos that speak right to your audience’s hearts.

This personal touch can seriously amp up viewer engagement
and even boost those conversion rates.

Plus, AI can crank out videos in no time, which means less waiting around and fewer dollars spent.

But here’s the thing: AI isn’t perfect.

Sure, it can churn out videos like nobody’s business,
but it might lack that human touch that makes videos really shine.

After all, nothing beats good ol’ human creativity
when it comes to making killer content.

But, AI is not something that we can put aside,
especially in Marketing Market.

As demand grows and competition heats up,
companies are getting creative with
Generative AI and AI-Powered Videos.

In fact,
the Generative AI market in Marketing is worth a whopping USD 2.4 billion in 2023.

So, we’re gonna break down the ups and downs of AI-powered videos to see if they’re worth the hype.

Benefits of Using AI-Powered Videos

Despite their limitations, AI-powered videos offer a range of advantages
that make them worth considering for your marketing strategy.

Let’s explore some of the key benefits:

AI can analyze data about your audience’s preferences, behaviors, and demographics to create highly personalized videos.

This level of customization can help you deliver
targeted messages and increase engagement.

AI-powered video creation can save time and resources.

With AI algorithms handling the production process,
you can create videos faster and at a lower cost.

In fact, AI can produce content 4X faster than humans. 

AI-powered videos can be easily scaled to meet your marketing needs.

Whether you need one video or a thousand,
AI can generate them efficiently and consistently.

Data-driven Insights
AI can provide valuable insights into viewer behavior and engagement.

By analyzing data from AI-powered videos,
you can gain a deeper understanding of your audience
and optimize your future video content.

Adit and Ryan from Film Roxx

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Challenges and Limitations

While AI-powered videos offer many benefits,
it’s important to be aware of the potential challenges and limitations.

Here are a few key considerations:

Lack of Creativity
AI algorithms may struggle to replicate the level of
creativity and storytelling that human video producers can achieve.

While AI can automate certain aspects of video production,
it may fall short in terms of originality and emotional impact.

Over-reliance on Data
AI-powered videos heavily rely on data analysis
to generate personalized content.

However, this can lead to a lack of diversity and creativity,
as AI tends to prioritize popular trends and patterns.

Ethical Considerations
AI-powered videos raise ethical concerns regarding
privacy and data usage.

Collecting and analyzing personal data
to create personalized videos must be done with
transparency and respect for user privacy.

Dependency on Technology
Banking on AI means hitching your wagon to technology.

Glitches or algorithm tweaks can throw a wrench in your video plans.

Now, especially for us at Film Roxx,
the biggest limitation and problem with AI for video marketing is…..

Audience Skepticism

According to surveys, a whopping 60% of people in the U.S. tend to lean towards content created by good ol’ humans rather than stuff made by AI.

If you go overboard with the AI stuff, it could actually end up
giving your brand a bit of a problem in brand reputation.

So, while AI is cool and all, it’s important to find that sweet spot
where it enhances your content without overshadowing the human touch.

How to Incorporate AI-Powered Videos
into Your Marketing Strategy

To make the most of AI-powered videos,
it’s important to have a well-defined strategy.

Here are some tips to get started:

Set Your Goals
Nail down your marketing objectives and how AI videos can supercharge them.

Whether it’s boosting brand awareness, driving conversions, or ramping up customer engagement, align your videos with your targets.

Know Your Audience
Dive into your audience data with AI to uncover their preferences, habits, and interests.

Armed with these insights, craft personalized videos that speak directly to your viewers.

Team Up with Creatives
While AI can handle some video tasks, teaming up
with human creatives is key to injecting personality and storytelling
into your content.

Collaborate with video pros and writers to ensure
your AI-generated videos hit the mark.

Test and Refine
Continuously test your AI-powered videos’ performance
and tweak them based on the data.

A/B testing and crunching metrics will fine-tune your videos,
making them even more impactful.


AI-powered videos are poised to revolutionize how we make and enjoy video content.

As AI tech progresses, businesses must adopt and utilize AI video to stay ahead in the digital game.

By grasping AI’s potential and employing smart strategies,
brands can craft captivating, personalized video content that resonates with their audience.

Remember: Striking a balance between AI and human touch is key.

At Film Roxx, AI isn’t our first option for content creation.

Instead, we use AI in a crucial role in one key area: Research.

We’ll delve into that in more detail later.

So, should we use AI for Content Marketing? 

Yes, but use it with consideration.

If you are still figuring out about AI to be used in your project, we‘re here to help.

Our Video Producer, Ryanda Octhora, is offering a FREE consultation
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During this consultation, Ryanda will:

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  • Craft a winning strategy: Explore distribution channels and post-production plans to maximize your video’s impact.
  • Offer expert guidance about AI: Get personalized recommendations and insights based on your unique needs.

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Remember: While AI can give you a leg up in content creation,
a top-notch video production agency will be your guide through
the ups and downs of content marketing strategy and sales.

They’re like your trusty shipmates, steering you through the choppy waters and up the steep slopes.

P.S. Don’t forget to share this post with other business owners who might benefit from our expertise! 

Ryanda Dwi Octhora. Video Producer

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