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Film Roxx is a comprehensive B2B video production agency based in Bali, providing full-service solutions directly to clients. Since 2017, Film Roxx has run 500+ video production for more than 50 companies.

Film Roxx was founded by a group of award-winning individuals who share a passion for storytelling through film. Since 2017 they have been focusing on creating videos that are effective for brand.

At Film Roxx, they’re all about serving up fresh and engaging ideas that spill right into their final products

They love tossing around ideas and sharing wisdom on social media and in workshops. And guess what? They’ve been teaming up with big-name companies for ages.

With a track record that speaks volumes, Film Roxx consistently delivers excellence year after year.

You’re in safe hands – Film Roxx has got your back!

We help great brands and companies improve their persona and strengthen their position in their sector. Mid-sized companies, market leaders, Fortune 500.
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