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Telling people their video looks boring since 2017.
We are not kidding.

Our Bio

*written in 3rd person for some reason*

Film Roxx is a full-service client direct production house and one of the leading video production agencies in Bali. Since 2017, Film Roxx has run 500+ video production for more than 50 companies.

Film Roxx was a team built by some award-winning talent who have passion and similar interests: Making films and telling stories. Since 2017 they have been focusing on creating videos that are effective for brand.

They believe in providing a fresh and engaging idea, which is poured into their final product.

Also, they frequently share ideas and knowledge on social media and workshops. For some reason, they have been working for years with some well-known companies.

Film Roxx works with brands like Facebook, Universal Music, Sheraton, QBE, and Hyatt Hotels with the goal to improve their video direction and achieve the purpose of the message.

With some proven track records, they have delivered excellence successfully, year over year.
Rest assured. Film Roxx got your back.

We help great brands and companies improve their persona and strengthen their position in their sector. Mid-sized companies, market leaders, Fortune 500.
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