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MOVE is a short video series that aims to encourage the participation of the younger generation in the world of extreme sports, and also encourage people to always move and always be passionate about their goals, especially when it’s related to sports.


Film Roxx provides a complete visual media solution. We have the cutting-edge resources, skills, and specific experience necessary to produce, create and deliver content for any purpose.

We believe in giving fresh-look, immersive, engaging, and creative solutions in luxury lifestyle video, hotel, resort, global brand, and photography. Our passionate, talented, and creative team will make every vision, a reality.


We feel blessed to be trusted by our valuable clients. They are not merely clients, but also partners and part of our growing FILM ROXX family. 
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Our video team is filled with innovative, artistic, fresh and forward thinking individuals. Whether you are looking for an innovative corporate video or a completely fresh social media video,
we are ready!


When it's about taking professional shot, our team is the best on site. From personal photo shoot to professional e-commerce photo - From social media content to high resolution printed photo - we got your back.


"Fix it in post" they said. Well, with our team behind your back, you don't have to worry about bad footage or defective image. With the latest equipment and software, we can turn those files into a diamond in second.


Sometimes we have to go extra mile to make a picture is worth a thousand word. With our team who has experience in visual effects, 3D models, motion graphics, and digital imaging, we will do some magic to your footage.